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Confession: A Call Girl at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience

Independent Escorts in Bangalore

I stand trembling, frightened and cold,
My heater raises goose bumps in my soul,
Standing near naked, in front of men that lust my body,
My age heightens their pleasure pods,
I again and again helplessly becomes a vending sex machine.

Any time sex Machines ATS,
Auctioned to the highest bidding men,
Escorting is a sordid, saddening sorrow,
My boundary penetrated by my Clients,
I helplessly becomes a vending sex machine.

My smile loses its quality of childlike virginity,
My Laughter becomes slimy, raucous and tarnished,
A powerless, enslaved vending sex machine.
The heavens rain tears to dilute our misery,
As agony bleeds from a vending sex machine.

Kushboo is graceful frame and tasteful elegance resemble a fragrant red rose. Between breaks and free time she refreshes her spirit with yoga. Kush boo’s pleasant nature and radiant smile illuminate every occasion. An utterly alluring beauty, her personality is of a rich, sophisticated, decadence. Savor the pleasure of Kush boo’s presence in all her invigorating delight.

Confession: A Call Girl provides sex. We make dreams come true. That's why you can pick up a girl in MG Road in Bangalore for INR 1000/ but I'll charge you up to INR 20,000/ for a night. I'm a confidant, a counselor a princess or a supermodel. I'll listen as you tell me your desire, I'll read between the lines then I'll make it real for you. I can build up your self-esteem, congratulate you on your performance and fulfill your every wish and fantasy.

We Escort Girls also feel guilty to a certain extent, but really if a Wife can’t give a man what he needs, he’ll go out and look for it elsewhere, plain and simple. And that’s where Escort girls like me come in and give it to them. Sex, love and lust are all completely different things the guy has that one girl he loves, the one he marries.

"The women who take husbands not out of love but out of greed, to get her petty life style met, to get a fine apartment in Bangalore city and clothes and jewels; the women who marry to get out of a bore some secretary job, or to get away from disagreeable relatives or her very own parents, or to avoid being called an old servant lady —these are whores in everything but name. The only difference between them and our team of well trained escorts in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience is that we escorts in Bangalore guarantee and gave a man his money's worth."

Escort are accused even by feminists of selling their bodies; but we escort don't sell our bodies, rather we rent our bodies. Housewives sell their bodies when they get married.


Name: Ms Kushboo

Age: Late 30s.

Business: High End Escort service Provider in Bangalore City Working as core team lead in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience

Meeting place: Service Apartments

What you want me to wear: Saree!!

What you want me to do: Be a pony with you as my master!


Hi my name is Kushboo.

I'm a young, confident woman. A perfect fusion of beauty and a bundle of joy to be around. I'm a great conversationalist and never run out of things to talk about. My life is very energetic, so therefore, probably much like yourself. I need relief and this is where you come in!

I am sensual, warm and tender, but do not be fooled I'm also very versatile. I can be a raunchy, steamy lover, always willing to please. I can be hot like fire!

I live in the Indra Nagar area, where I have my own luxury apartment.

But there are limits to what I'll do!  Here are some of the things I don't do: Lesbian sex or three way; Bondage; Pissing or scat games;

I know some Escort agencies in Bangalore are very well organized with websites on which you can select your area of sexual deviancy and get back a list of men and women who'll help you fulfill your desire. Bangalore Girl Friend Experience doesn't work like that. To tell the truth, they are not much of a pimp at all and more a professional team here to assist the Escort girls in their Profession and do charge the least as their Commission.

I was still trawling through images, video clips and websites with information about Bangalore escorts apparently popular pastime. I swear, if my ISP keeps records of the web pages I visit as research for my escort work they must think I'm some kind of far out pervert. I mean, I've checked out web pages with information about everything from anal sex to extreme insertions to hard-core BDSM.

A self proclaimed “country girl” born and raised in Madurai. Graduated from MKU last year with a degree in psychology and regularly works and volunteers with children. You can find lots of girls like Kushoboo all over Bangalore.

“A little sweetness goes a long way,” she wrote on her advt.

Her bubbly personality saturated every last detail of her profile, complete with Xs and Os.

Kushboo has been working in “Bangalore Girl Friend Experience” on and off since she was 16-years-old. She is now a part of the core team lead at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience working with 4 to 6 Escort girls at a time, selling their “company” for big money all around Bangalore area.

Given the challenges for women who want to advance their careers, I asked two groups of women with whom I was working With at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience what motivated them to want to take on those challenges. Their responses were varied but displayed an energy and conviction that was inspiring.

"I know I have talent, expertise and potential and I want to develop it and use it."

"I'm ambitious, and I have a vision for my life and goals I want to fulfill."

I'm a bit of a trail blazer. The idea of breaking through barriers, e.g., the famous glass ceiling, is a challenge that I find exciting!"

"I love the buzz of pushing the boundaries and discovering new challenges."

"I want to prove to all the men in my family, who I don't think really believe in my capabilities, that I have as much ability as they do."

"I want to make a difference in my Life. I believe I have a vision for it and the expertise to implement that vision and I want the chance to do it."

"I want financial freedom to live the life I desire and that can only come with advancing my career and the income that goes with that."

"I want the meaning, purpose and fulfillment that comes with living and working at my full potential."

"I want the status that acknowledges my competence and the power that comes with it to bring about changes that I believe are important."

“This is not full time by any means,” she said.

When Kushboo is not out on her “dates,” she works part-time in a Call center in Koramangala. As the oldest of six kids, she also strives to set herself as an example by volunteering her time at church and the non-profit she works with.

“I want to be something more than what money can give,” she said.

But for right now, she tells me, it’s all about the money.

Sex is my business, and business is good

Did you know that an Escort girl working part-time as an escort can make just as much, if not more, than prestigious lawyers and doctors?

According to Kushiro, you can make what you earn in corporate Bangalore over two weeks in a single day, just by seeing two guys on a non full-service level. Full-service providers, she explains, sell straight up sexual intercourse, as opposed to non full-service providers, who sell everything but, such as their company for dates.

“The most I’ve made in one day was INR One lac between three dates,” Kushoboo said. “Once one of my girls in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience pulled in INR Two lacs from just one guy.”

For Kushboo and her girls in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience the hard-earned cash is all theirs and they give petty commission to their boss in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience.

All the girls she works with in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience  act as independent Free lancing Escort girls who come to her for her resources, guidance and knowledge of the market and industry.

“My job is to find the best places and resources for them to get the most out of what we’re marketing in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience,”Kushboo said.

Big bucks, independence and travel? Sign me up, please?

What you didn’t know about prostitution

“I help men get a better understanding of sex through women,”Kushboo said.

Kushboo said it’s not just about the sex itself, but about anything sexual in general.

“I should be a sex therapist,” she joked.

I’ve heard before that man who see prostitutes don’t just come for the sex; rather, they also seek all other aspects of female companionship.

“They also look for uplift and reassurance. Just as human beings, they need it. You need a hug every once in a while, you need to be loved by the opposite sex or feel some kind of compassion,” Kushboo said.

This girl is all about the uplift, her sunny disposition is infectious and I love it. I’m sure her customers do, too.

She also clued me in on all the different tiers of Escorting, ranging from “street walkers” to upscale escort girls.

Before Talking to Kushboo, I got this impression that Escort's pretty much gave up every last ounce of their dignity in order to make money, rendering their decision power worthless.

However, at least in the upper tiers of prostitution, the  Call girls pretty much have the say on everything, from the guys they choose, what they want to do and how much they’ll be getting paid for it.

“I’m picky,” Kushboo said. “I just don’t see anyone. If I don’t like the guy, I won’t go through with the date. I’d be sweet and wouldn’t put him down, but I’d wean him to another Call girl who could better suit him and make him happier.”

As far as the sex (or non-sex) goes, each Call girl in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience decides on her own boundaries. Some don’t even provide full-service at all, rather, they may simply provide their company for dinners and dates.

So how much cash is being thrown down for these Escort girls?

“It’s however much you want to make it. If they can’t pay that, then they’ll negotiate for whatever else,” she said. “The ball is always on my court.”

The freakiest dudes in all the nation

She did say the freakiest guys she’s ever seen throughout the country are in Chennai. Apparently, the older, business guys are the ones to watch out for.

“They have the weirdest requests,” Kushoboo said. “One guy wanted me to… ......???? I can’t even bring myself to talk about it, let alone do it.”

She visibly struggled to find the words.

“I can’t shit on anybody, sorry,” Kushboo said. “And I won’t, plain and simple.”

The majority of Kush boo’s customers are married men who have been strictly with their wives for years or who have not had partners who are very sexual or open.

“I give them something to go home and love their wives better with,” she said.

I was intrigued. Could she convince me that prostitution could actually be conducive for a man’s love for his wife?

“It’s men’s nature to want variety. It’s their animal instinct to breed with the most young and desirable women. It goes way back and love has nothing to do with it.”

Kushboo first explains that sex, love and lust are all completely different things (for men anyway). According to Kushboo, the guy has that one girl he loves, the one he marries. However, he also has his sexual needs.

“He loves that one girl, but if he’s not getting what he needs or is deprived, he’ll become bitter towards her,” Kushboo said.

The idea is that once Kushboo helps relieve these needs, it allows him to return to the one he is married to and carry on with their relationship, bitterness-free.

“They might feel guilty, but it’s in their nature and they really need the sex. If their wives can’t give it to them, they feel badly about it,” Kushboo said.

Kushboo said she believes that it’s human nature.

“I also feel guilty to a certain extent, but really if the woman can’t give a man what he needs, he’ll go out and look for it elsewhere, plain and simple. And that’s where Escort girls like me come in and give it to them,” Kushboo said.

It’s not purely about sex, though. Kushboo said it’s also about the comfort escort girls can give.

“It’s not always physical, though,” she reminds me, “It’s also about uplift and reassurance.”

The dichotomy of the “wife and the mistress” came to mind.

Does it really all boil down to biological and evolutionary factors? Is this something we’ll all simply have to come to terms with?

The good, the bad and the ugly

“There really isn’t a least favorite aspect of the job,” Kushoboo said, “I love it all.”

For Kushoboo, she said the job isn’t just about good pay, she genuinely enjoys it.

“It’s like my dating scene. I pick and choose. I love older guys, men of power, well-dressed and charismatic. I’m completely engaged when we have fun and am totally enthralled by it. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like it. There’s no shame in what I do, I genuinely love everything I do.”

To understand her passion, you also have to understand her philosophy. Kushboo said she truly believes in doing what she does to not only bring uplift to her clients, but also to herself and her girls.

“Girls might feel belittled, degraded or disrespected if they let themselves. If they put themselves in that position, then they absolutely will feel lesser for what they do,” Kushboo said.

Kushboo said she only wants to be around Escort girls in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience who enjoy the job for what it is.

“If at the end of the day you’re going to go home and feel like shit, then I don’t want to be a part of it. You have to genuinely like making the guys feel better,” Kushboo said. “Then you feel better. It’s a mutual thing.”

However, with the good also comes the bad.

“I’ve been robbed, taken advantage of and hit. It’s all part of the risks. There are no policies and regulations for prostitution.

There are some security measures they try to enact when they can, but ultimately the security measures can only do so much.

“In Bangalore with all girls and no men, we have security people watching on the outside. But when you’re alone in a room with a guy, it doesn’t matter what kind of security you have. It’s you and him,” she said.

Kushboo and her Escort girls in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience take precautions and even take self-defense classes. She tells them that if it comes down to money, they should rather get ripped off than get raped or beaten.

“You can replace that money,” Kushboo said, “but you can’t replace yourself.”

Then with the bad comes the ugly.

Kushoboo revealed to me a darker part of her career as an Escort Lady in Bangalore.

“I’ve been caught for prostitution and I’ve had a police officer come in and take complete advantage of me, and then turn around and arrest me for it,” she said.

The experience of having a police officer violate her was one that Kushboo won’t forget soon, if ever, she said.

“At that point in my life, I would have felt better getting raped and robbed by somebody else, but having a police officer…”

She said when the officer took her to court for prostitution she hired a good lawyer in Ulsoor and got her case dismissed in court because of the fact that she had been raped. She said the officer didn’t confess, but all the evidence was there and he couldn’t deny it.

“But it’s not just him, it’s hundreds of officers taking advantage of girls,” Kushboo alleged.

Legitimizing prostitution

“If I would change anything about my job, it would be to make it legal,” Kushboo said.

Kushboo said she believes that prostitution is illegal for the simple fact that the government cannot tax it.

“I just feel like there’s so much that’s OK and that’s legal that is way worse than this,” she said. “If it’s consensual, the guy wants to do it and the girl wants to do it, who is the government to say it’s not OK?”

It’s difficult to work and pay tax just to have a police officer rape you, turn around and arrest you for it, and have the law punish you for other acts that have been completely consensual.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that they can’t just let us do what we want, and because they can’t tax it they’re going to set up task forces that cost millions of Rupees  of tax money to stop something consenting adults want to do together,” Kushboo said.

Parting our ways

Despite everything, Kushboo said she has no regrets.

“Anything that’s ever happened to me has made me stronger and built character,” she said.

It has helped her go forward and teach other girls in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience to help them realize what it really is, what it can be and what they may get out of it.

“I’m here now in my place in the world to help people. No matter if it’s the children in the non-profits Organization in Ulsoor that I work for, or the Escort girls I Work with at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. Ultimately the goal is to help them help the world.”

And finally as it always god to finish any thing with a punch line

We say that slavery has vanished from Indian civilization, but this is not true. Slavery still exists, but now it applies only to women and its name is Escorts.

If nobody wants to sell sex, it is a crime to force anyone to do so. But when men or women do want to sell their bodies, they should have that full right without encountering punishment or discrimination. If the client behaves decently, the relationship between the sex buyer and the sex seller must be considered a purely private transaction.

No where is woman treated according to the merit of her work, but rather as a sex. It is therefore almost inevitable that she should pay for her right to exist, to keep a position in whatever line, with sex favors. Thus it is merely a question of degree whether she sells herself to one man, in or out of marriage, or to many men! The economic and social inferiority of woman is responsible for escorting.

Escorting is not just a service industry, mopping up the overflow of male demand, which always exceeds female supply. Escorting testifies to a moral power struggle of sex.... Escorts and their patrons are marauders in the forest of archaic nights.

"The profession of a escorting is the only career in which the maximum income is paid to the newest apprentice. It is the one calling in which at the beginning the only exertion is that of self-indulgence; all the prizes are at the commencement. It is the ever-new embodiment of the old fable of the sale of the soul to the Evil. The tempter or the client offers wealth, comfort, excitement, but in return the victim must sell her soul, nor does the other party forget to exact his due to the uttermost farthing."


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Escorts at bangalore

Escorts at bangalore

We are  Upscale Free lancing girls who are either  working ,house wife’s  or students , your elite companion ,we love luxury, sex and of course , We are educated, Mature, open minded, versatile, exiting, young ladies with style  in Bangalore.

We have a zest for life topped with sparkling personality and positive attitude, your leisure time we will strive to make pleasurable time, and fluent in English /Hindi/kannada/Tamil/Telugu. As far  as the services and prices are concerned Initially we  start with a Sensuous and highly Charged up Lovemaking session in the bed. The session Includes Body massage/ Hand Job/ Blow jobs and unlimited sex for the duration of the session. And of coarse there will be LOOOT of Kissing (French and Deep!!) As we enjoy Kissing and being kissed. Please do Excuse us we do not Indulge in Anal Sex nor do we Swallow / (CIM). Pease note that we do not consider these forms of sexual activities Bad/ Immoral/Yuck/ Harmful/ etc It is just that we are not Comfortable and hence not willing to do it. Please do note that PREFERENCE will be given to clients wanting a minimum of 4 hours session as this time ensures that I am able to perform at the best of my ability and also the client experiences an unhurried session.

Our fees reflect the quality you receive and am confident that you will not feel short charged. Our fees must be paid on ARRIVAL( i.e. BEFORE the start of a session) for a session mutually agreed upon, but not before in cash(please do not let us remind you this as it is embarrassing at times and can get awkward and preferably in an envelope ).

We are full bodied voluptuous Women, fair complexioned and have been complimented for our looks time and again. We are Interested in everything what is good and nice in life ranging from cultural events through out door activities up to evening entertainment and more . We practice and advocate Safe Sex. As sensual seductive and delight ful women we are perfect for that Magical ‘Bangalore Girl Friends Experience“.And when it comes to Intimacy, we are very erotic! We enjoy making love in a gentle, passionate way with tenderness, irrespective of the Money offered. We will never engage in UNPROTECTED Pentrations. We are clean and disease free. We provide you with that Elusive GFE. Please remember that   Place I visit has to be decent and I expect and assure total privacy and confidentiality. If you are not able to arrange for accommodation then we can do that for you in a good, decent hotel (3 star and above) But obviously it ill cost you extra at actual.

Do note that are into Sex Chat and phone Sex. We are not into having long and hot chats on phone. And we don’t chat DIRTY on yahoo. We are not into CYBERSEX. We are not the person doing all such activities.. We are not looking for casual time passers and other such Persons and do not contact us and make things   more difficult for us. NO STRING ATTACHED would d mean that we would mean that we would not get involved in any EMOTIONAL entanglement. As you could well imagine that this would NOT be good for either of us

Crusaders and Kin heated Samaritans who would like to advice us on discontinuing our line of work are requested NOT to Contact us. Remember, if you really would like to help us then do utilize our services and pay us MORE than our rates!
This would go a long way in making things better for us as Money does make the world go around!!. Please do forgive us as we do not entertain requests for snaps as we fear that this could endanger our Privacy. Also .We simply are not comfortable with sending out pics.We do not ask nor do we encourage personal questions of personal nature.  We say so at the risk of repeating our self as we have noticed a lot of interest in our personal life (past present and future!) Questions that especially annoy us are: 1 why do you? What do you do? .From how long are you doing this? 3. How often do you do? 4. How long do you intend doing this? 5. Why can’t you do some thing else? 6. How much do you earn doing this?? Etc etc!!!! As you can well imagine these are questions that have no bearing what so ever on the matter at hand and so we would sincerely request you to refrain from asking us questions like the one’s mentioned above nor any such questions of personal nature.

We can fulfill your dreams because we know how to please a man. Pleasing you pleases us. So you will feel relaxed and pampered.

'We offer only a legitimate introductory service for beautiful women. Anything that takes place afterwards is a matter of choice between two consenting adults.

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Intangible Bangalore girl freind Experiece

Intangible Bangalore girl freind Experiece

WE believe we are one of the first to coin and use the phrase GFE way back before there was much talk in the town.

Back in those days we respected providers and would never think of having unhealthy bareback oral or any kind of unhealthy sex. And this was before the HIV scares (which aren’t really much risk in heterosexual sexwork, but lots of other nasty STD's are). Many of us seek the GFE experience which means a real relationship for the moment with sincere women who enjoys the experience, not just mechanical sex.

Many of us prefer what you call crap to having a women take the health risks of unsafe sex which she may not even enjoy doing just to please that demand their selfish ways.

Fortunately we have seen a vast change in attitude about "intimacy crap" over the years. There would be the responses of being sick and tired of all my intimacy crap and real men just fxxk women and none of this intimacy nonsense.

But over the years that has drastically changed and zillions of men being more in tune with their more intimate side and find they enjoy it far more than being the big macho sex stud.

Often I have heard a provider reply to the question "Are you GFE" with "You mean you want me to nag you a lot?"

I also relate to what I refer as a "universal love", which many people just don't agree with our cultures definition of "love". GFE and "love" can be for the moment, it doesn't have to result in "falling in love" that many are so afraid of. It is more like standing in love of a unique spirit of a person and seeking to express this Universal love by sensual pleasure giving touch, sensuality and sexuality. But we are taught in our culture "love" has to be exclusive and possessing another.

In the GFE we seek, we especially enjoy caring high touch intimacy, stoking, massaging, holding her, caressing her trying to relate to her inner spirit via high tender touch not a body to have sex with. Combine this GFE intimacy and sensual sexuality and enjoy the experience.

While there are exceptions, very few providers offer this. "oh, I save all emotions for my boyfriend". This contrasts sharply with women from many other cultures that seem so much more open to sharing GFE and the type of intimacy we enjoy.

The reasons are quite obvious. Most other cultures don't have the repressive sexual attitudes that we do have in India. Often foreign women are much more naturally open, intimate and provide easy GFE which is often totally foreign to most sexworkers in India. There are of course exceptions of wonderful GFE providers in India

A GFE may or may not include kissing. If it doesn't happen on the first date, don't despair, it might happen on subsequent dates. If there is no genuine desire in me to give you a kiss, it will be mechanical. We always appreciate a client who lets her kiss him first before he kisses her.

GFE is rather indefinable. Everyone has a different idea about it. ."
"GFE is one thing to one person, another thing to another, but from experience, that you can share an hour (or most times less) with a very beautiful woman and feel totally ripped off afterwards, mainly due to a "get it over" attitude, which says, "Hurry up, pay me, and I'm outta here!!" And other markets with certain agencies or individual providers really suck, especially when you pay higher. The best GFE is the girl or woman who treats you in a relaxed, human (not mechanical) manner, and responds. She doesn't have to kiss, but many do, and safe sex is the rule, of course. But it is the willingness to do MORE than "lay" there and let the guy "get off".... It's a GFE like this with a gal who might be attractive, but not a total "knock-out", that sweetly lingers in the memory. The message to providers should be...treat us the most humanly way possible, get into it, and leave an impression. That's the way to do it! "

Personally, I get the most pleasure out of sex when we both have a good time. I really try to turn the girl on and please her. Stroking, cuddling, kissing is all part of that, and it's surely unnatural to preserve complete emotional detachment while giving this the full attention which it deserves.

Maybe it's a question of age. Over 50, have had several GirlFriendss. Don’t think going to get lovesick over a sex affair. For a young man, it might be different. Yes, there is some danger of getting hooked; these girls are not called "hookers" for nothing. But treating a girl like some kind of animated rubber doll misses most of the point of making love."

So different men seek different type of providers, hot and nasty or more intimacy and that hard to define intangible GFE.

Seeking a GFE, is an intimate, mutually satisfying encounter on a human rather than commercial level.