Escorts at bangalore

Escorts at bangalore

We are  Upscale Free lancing girls who are either  working ,house wife’s  or students , your elite companion ,we love luxury, sex and of course , We are educated, Mature, open minded, versatile, exiting, young ladies with style  in Bangalore.

We have a zest for life topped with sparkling personality and positive attitude, your leisure time we will strive to make pleasurable time, and fluent in English /Hindi/kannada/Tamil/Telugu. As far  as the services and prices are concerned Initially we  start with a Sensuous and highly Charged up Lovemaking session in the bed. The session Includes Body massage/ Hand Job/ Blow jobs and unlimited sex for the duration of the session. And of coarse there will be LOOOT of Kissing (French and Deep!!) As we enjoy Kissing and being kissed. Please do Excuse us we do not Indulge in Anal Sex nor do we Swallow / (CIM). Pease note that we do not consider these forms of sexual activities Bad/ Immoral/Yuck/ Harmful/ etc It is just that we are not Comfortable and hence not willing to do it. Please do note that PREFERENCE will be given to clients wanting a minimum of 4 hours session as this time ensures that I am able to perform at the best of my ability and also the client experiences an unhurried session.

Our fees reflect the quality you receive and am confident that you will not feel short charged. Our fees must be paid on ARRIVAL( i.e. BEFORE the start of a session) for a session mutually agreed upon, but not before in cash(please do not let us remind you this as it is embarrassing at times and can get awkward and preferably in an envelope ).

We are full bodied voluptuous Women, fair complexioned and have been complimented for our looks time and again. We are Interested in everything what is good and nice in life ranging from cultural events through out door activities up to evening entertainment and more . We practice and advocate Safe Sex. As sensual seductive and delight ful women we are perfect for that Magical ‘Bangalore Girl Friends Experience“.And when it comes to Intimacy, we are very erotic! We enjoy making love in a gentle, passionate way with tenderness, irrespective of the Money offered. We will never engage in UNPROTECTED Pentrations. We are clean and disease free. We provide you with that Elusive GFE. Please remember that   Place I visit has to be decent and I expect and assure total privacy and confidentiality. If you are not able to arrange for accommodation then we can do that for you in a good, decent hotel (3 star and above) But obviously it ill cost you extra at actual.

Do note that are into Sex Chat and phone Sex. We are not into having long and hot chats on phone. And we don’t chat DIRTY on yahoo. We are not into CYBERSEX. We are not the person doing all such activities.. We are not looking for casual time passers and other such Persons and do not contact us and make things   more difficult for us. NO STRING ATTACHED would d mean that we would mean that we would not get involved in any EMOTIONAL entanglement. As you could well imagine that this would NOT be good for either of us

Crusaders and Kin heated Samaritans who would like to advice us on discontinuing our line of work are requested NOT to Contact us. Remember, if you really would like to help us then do utilize our services and pay us MORE than our rates!
This would go a long way in making things better for us as Money does make the world go around!!. Please do forgive us as we do not entertain requests for snaps as we fear that this could endanger our Privacy. Also .We simply are not comfortable with sending out pics.We do not ask nor do we encourage personal questions of personal nature.  We say so at the risk of repeating our self as we have noticed a lot of interest in our personal life (past present and future!) Questions that especially annoy us are: 1 why do you? What do you do? .From how long are you doing this? 3. How often do you do? 4. How long do you intend doing this? 5. Why can’t you do some thing else? 6. How much do you earn doing this?? Etc etc!!!! As you can well imagine these are questions that have no bearing what so ever on the matter at hand and so we would sincerely request you to refrain from asking us questions like the one’s mentioned above nor any such questions of personal nature.

We can fulfill your dreams because we know how to please a man. Pleasing you pleases us. So you will feel relaxed and pampered.

'We offer only a legitimate introductory service for beautiful women. Anything that takes place afterwards is a matter of choice between two consenting adults.